Complex biology research group is a new paradigm in biology

Complex biology research group is a new paradigm in biology

Many of biological phenomena are emergent properties that arise from the complex system. Complex biology research group is striving to understand how complex webs of direct and indirect interactions of various molecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteins have developed, and how the spatial and temporal interactions underlie the emergent biological processes.

 Stand-alone phenome system ?

Plant life is determined by a series of developmental progressions which are tightly regulated by genetic programs. In a certain developmental stage, plants display organismal phenotypes by integrating genetic and environmental inputs on top of their physiological status. These organismal phenotypes include not only morphological and physiological status, but also molecular status involving proteome, transcriptiomes, and metabolomes. We aim to understand how plants determine their life history and senescence. To achieve this, we are developing a standalone plant systems analyzer which allows us to analyze plant physiological and molecular responses in tightly controlled environments during whole life spans.

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