Plant Growth beyond Limits

♠ Title: Plant Growth beyond Limits
♠ Speaker: Prof. Dirk Inze (VIB)
♠ When: 15:30-16:20, Today
♠ Where: Auditorium (#109), R5

Plant and plant organ growth are regulated by an exceedingly complex interplay of many genes and their
interactions with the ever changing environment. Numerous genes of which the modified expression
enhances plant organ growth have now been identified, and a detailed study of these genes provided novel
insights in the molecular machines driving growth. Furthermore, evidence obtained both in the model plant
Arabidopsis and in maize, demonstrated that the combination of multiple growth enhancing genes can have
very profound effects on organ sizes. I will discuss how our insights open up new perspectives for the
identification of optimal growth regulatory networks that can be selected by advanced breeding, or for which
more robust variants can be obtained through genetic engineering.
Plant research at eh VIB-UGent, Department of Plant Systems Biology will be also discussed. The Department
has 17 research groups working in five different areas: sustainable bio-energy, climate adapted crops, plant
diversity, innovative crop care, plants and human health. The mission of the Department is to combine
excellence in research with technology transfer.

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